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BoKlok has Sweden's most satisfied housing customers, with a fifth year in a row on the podium

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BoKlok has Sweden's most satisfied housing customers, with a fifth year in a row on the podium

We’re delighted to announce that for the third time in five years, BoKlok has won first prize as "Sweden's most satisfied customers" for housing developers in the industry survey. Behind these strong results is a structured and long-term focused approach. 

The customer satisfaction index (CSI) monitors how satisfied home buyers are with BoKlok and is based on homes completed for moving in during 2020. The measurement evaluates among other things personal service, quality of housing, affordability and reliability in terms of keeping promises.

- We’re excited and proud of the first prize. It’s especially rewarding that we received top scores in the category ‘value for money’, as we want our customers to get as much of a home as possible, at as low of a cost as possible. This is a joint effort from the committed employees at BoKlok, land acquisition, production in the factory, delivery on site, product and other central functions, to include sales and after-market. They all work hard every day to deliver sustainable homes and communities for our customers, says Emelie Ekelund, Sales and Marketing Manager, BoKlok Sweden.

In addition to value for money, BoKlok scored the highest in the category’s personnel, reliability, and information.

BoKlok received first prize in 2017 and 2018, second place in 2019 and third place in 2016.

The survey is carried out by an independent market analysis company and more than 85 percent of all newly built condominiums in Sweden are included in the survey.

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