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BoKlok launches new website and graphic profile

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BoKlok launches new website and graphic profile

Since last week, the customers, partners and other stakeholders to BoKlok have been met by a brand new website and graphic profile.

The new, global website went live on 11th October, with versions tailored for the four BoKlok markets - Sweden, Norway, Finland, and the UK.

”It was time for an update; our previous website was developed in 2014 and the graphic profile in 2017; living and communicating in a more digital world places new demands on us” says Charlotta Herte, SVP Market & Communications at BoKlok.

The new website will support marketing and sales, while further strengthening communication with all the stakeholders of BoKlok. Together with a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, which launched recently, BoKlok is now in a strong position to optimise the digital channels available and to adapt its communications to each individual customer.

The updated graphic profile will support the current and future customer offerings of BoKlok, in all markets.

Charlotta Herte goes on to say:

”The ambition has been to convey a natural and somewhat calmer feeling, in line with current trends in our society. As we now operate in multiple markets, it was also important that while we respect the individual qualities and demands of these different markets, that we also reflect our Scandinavian heritage and deliver a sense of uniformity, across all of our sites.”

While building on its own brand identity, the ambition of the graphic profile has also been to reflect, and to draw on elements from both the owners of BoKlok - Skanska and IKEA.

The partner to BoKlok in the development of both the new website and the graphic profile is Bombayworks.

”It has been a rewarding and exciting collaboration. To develop both the website and the graphic profile has enabled us at Bombayworks to get a real insight into BoKlok. It has given us an opportunity to develop something that truly represents its brand values, while supporting the organisation as it adapts to meet new demands. We have delivered a website that is user-friendly, offers a fresh and modern feel and one that is perfectly equipped to meet the growing needs of BoKlok. We have now laid the foundation for the continued digital journey for BoKlok and created a solution that we can build on - together," says Anna Frössén, Senior Project & Account Manager, Bombayworks.

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