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BoKlok seller Johan Stenis in front of his new home at BoKlok Arboristen in Falun, Sweden.
BoKlok seller Johan Stenis in front of his new home at BoKlok Arboristen in Falun, Sweden.

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A smart life choice for a BoKlok seller

BoKlok Arboristen is situated in Falun, Sweden. It is a newly built, small-scale residential area where Johan Stenis has lived for a few months with his family. Whilst being a regular customer Johan Stenis is also an unusual customer, as he is an employee of BoKlok and sells BoKlok homes in Sweden.

Johan Stenis is a sales representative at BoKlok and recently moved to BoKlok Arboristen in Falun, Sweden. The new area started to be built in autumn 2019 and was completed in January 2021, when Johan and his girlfriend moved from Sickla in Stockholm to the newly built apartment, Britsarvet in Falun.

- We lived in a 41 sqm apartment in Sickla for 7-8 years however, when we became a little family of three, we decided to buy ourselves an 85 sqm 3-bedroom apartment. It almost feels a little too big at times, but lovely of course! We wouldn't have been able to buy this kind of home if we'd stayed in Stockholm.

Johan, who has worked at BoKlok for three and a half years, has lived in Stockholm and worked from the BoKlok office there. However, since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic all BoKlok staff have the option to work from home if they are able. As a result, Johan began to think that he may no longer need to be physically bound to his position in Stockholm and the possibilities of a digital working climate were suddenly endless!

- The idea then emerged to maybe move home, closer to my family in the region Dalarna. I thought about it for a while before I decided to bring it up at work. I have to say that BoKlok have been amazing throughout this whole process! The company quickly switched to a digital way of working and as a result a digital buying process for our customers. This really gave me the opportunity as an employee to consider working at another location. BoKlok have been amazing and incredibly supportive, which has made this change in my life possible. The only thing that was difficult about moving was the move itself! I massively regret not hiring a removal company!

Like all BoKlok homes the apartments in Falun were sold by doing a public ballot, a process designed to make the selling process as fair as possible. In BoKlok Arboristen not all apartments sold right away however, there was one apartment left to sell once all the other residents had moved in. When apartments are still available after the ballot, they are put up for general sale and anyone has the opportunity to purchase, on a first come, first served basis.

- That's a bit of a funny story. There was only one apartment left to sell after everyone had moved in and I was involved in selling the project, and yeah of course you do everything to sell it, even if it means to buy the last apartment myself! says Johan with a smile.

BoKlok Arboristen consists of 36 apartments, in two apartment blocks. It is situated about 0.6 miles from central Falun and the little residential area is nestled in greenery, with nature around every corner. The local area has both a school and a grocery store, with a walk into town only taking 5-10 minutes. For Johan, it is clearly a transition from life in Stockholm.

- There are, of course, both advantages and disadvantages to leaving Stockholm for Falun. I really miss the buzz in Stockholm and now spring is coming, I’ll probably miss all the beer gardens and al fresco dining a lot! However, my partner and I were going to be parents and felt that we wanted to live in a bigger property and be closer to our families. To then have the opportunity to be able to keep my job but work in a different location and to own a newly built, larger, renovation free apartment, felt absolutely fantastic. Getting some help with babysitting our new little family member didn't hurt either, as the grandparents to be were probably happier about this move then we were!

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