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Magdalena Andersson, Production Manager and Frida Sethsson, QEHS and Production Technical Manager, are two of the four happy recipients.
Magdalena Andersson, Production Manager and Frida Sethsson, QEHS and Production Technical Manager, are two of the four happy recipients.

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BoKlok employees receive scholarship’s

Four BoKlok employees have received scholarships from the Agne Sandberg Foundation, a foundation within the Skanska Group. Those who have received a scholarship will carry out studies and develop professional skills.

Every two years scholarships are awarded from the Agne Sandberg Foundation however, this is the very first time employees from BoKlok have received scholarships from the foundation.

The four BoKlok employees who were delighted to receive the scholarships are; Magdalena Andersson, Production Manager, Frida Sethsson, QEHS and Production Technical Manager, Daniel Gustafsson, Production Technician and LEAN Coordinator and Sari Perento, Communication and marketing specialist.

Magdalena, Frida and Daniel are all from the BoKlok factory in Gullringen, Sweden and Sari is from BoKlok Finland.

The purpose of the Agne Sandberg Foundation is to provide scholarships that can be used for studies, to help develop professional skills. The four BoKlok scholarship holders are all studying within their area of expertise. Sari Perento from BoKlok Finland is finishing the degree she previously started, which is a program in Business Development and Leadership, a Master of Business (MBA). Sari’s degree is within the study field of Communications and Marketing Management. Frida, Magdalena and Daniel from the BoKlok factory in Gullringen are studying Lean production at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden.

- Opportunities like this are one of the main reasons I enjoy working at BoKlok. I feel like I get challenged every day and get the opportunity to really develop and grow, on both a personal level and on a career level. Taking this class will allow me to receive in-depth knowledge on lean production, in addition to giving me the opportunity to develop myself further. I’ll then be able to transfer these new skills and knowledge into my everyday work, which in turn will help benefit BoKlok, says Magdalena Andersson.

An important part of the success for BoKlok is the development of employees. Therefore, this drive for development is supported and encouraged.

- Competence development of our employees is a basic prerequisite for the future development and ability of BoKlok. That makes it even more special that four of our employees, who invest in their own development in addition to their regular work, can be rewarded in ways like this, says Jonas Andé, Head of HR & Ethics, BoKlok.

The Agne Sandberg Foundation was founded in 1953 in honor of the late Agne Sandberg, former CEO of Skanska. The foundation's sole purpose is to provide scholarships intended to be used for studies to develop their professional skills.

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