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New Homes Week - a week to celebrate the many benefits of buying a new build home

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New Homes Week - a week to celebrate the many benefits of buying a new build home

Between 21st – 27th March 2022, BoKlok is joining with the broader housebuilding industry to celebrate the many positives of buying a new build home.

In recognition of the week, the Home Builders Federation (HBF) has issued a new report, which highlights the extent to which energy efficiency is now guiding the way UK purchasers are making home-moving decisions.

At a time when rising fuel bills are repeatedly making the headlines, BoKlok believes that the HBF’s report, ‘Greener, Cleaner, Cheaper’ provides a timely reminder of just how new build homes are saving buyers money, while also cutting emissions.

BoKlok believes that once homeowners have moved into their new homes, that housebuilders have a role to play in assisting them to live more sustainably too. As well as the numerous energy saving features installed, BoKlok offers its customers advice on how to live a more sustainable life at home too.

Jerrie Kristiansson, Sales Director of BoKlok UK said: 

- We believe that there are so many benefits to buying a new build home – with energy efficiency and sustainability really topping the list. At BoKlok, we are not only committed to delivering homes that are built more sustainably, but homes that are designed to assist our future homeowners to live more sustainably too. From the materials chosen to build our homes and our use of innovative construction methods, to the host of energy saving features, included as standard within our homes, we are committed to making a positive difference.

All of BoKlok homes are built to have less of an impact on the environment. They are designed to reduce energy use, to be environmentally friendly and to save homeowners money at the same time. In BoKlok homes, you will find many clever features such as:

  • Enhanced insulation to keep heat in and reduce noise
  • Argon gas-filled double glazing to minimise heat loss
  • Water-saving taps, showers and toilets
  • Air Source Heat Pumps (to the houses)
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Points (EVCP)

The commitment within BoKlok to sustainability and its approach has been well received by its customers too, with many purchasers attracted to a BoKlok home because of the energy saving features available.

Jack Saunders, a purchaser at BoKlok on the Brook in Bristol said: 

- I was really impressed with the look and style of the homes and for me, the fact that they are built sustainably using modern methods of construction only added to their appeal. All of the measures they have taken to make the homes more energy efficient and to assist future homeowners to reduce the amount of energy they use is admirable – and the way I think we should all be going.

In addition to the many energy saving features, BoKlok believes that there are many additional benefits to buying new. From home warranties, which give buyers peace of mind to deposit assistance and much more. Visit Why Buy a BoKlok Home to explore the many benefits of buying a new home.

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